iWYZE is a customer-centric organisation that is committed to not only giving our customers the best service possible, but also to connect with them on an emotional level.


May 1, 2021
On their way to check into a guest house in Durban, our customers, Mrs Mlandeli* and her 8-year-old daughter, were involved in a bumper bashing. The driver of the other car stopped and walked towards their car, knocked on their car window, Mrs Mlandeli’s daughter thought it was a hijacking and was immediately terrified. The guest house owners and personnel reassured and helped her to the safety of the guest house. Naturally for an 8-year-old, this was extremely frightening and traumatic. Magical Moments arranged personalised care packs for mom and daughter.

Thank you!

Got our beautiful hamper today. Thank you very much, exceeded my expectations. Thank you, you are an angel.

Mr. Kennedy
Jul 29, 2021
Mr Kennedy's* wife recently passed away and to show our condolences, we arranged for a sympathy care pack to be delivered to his home.

Thank you very much for the beautiful flowers and lovely chocolate basket. I do appreciate it.

Kind regards
Mr. Kennedy

Mrs. Ngidi
Apr 1, 2021
Our customer, Mrs. Ngidi* has been through a very challenging medical procedure. Magical Moments sent her a personalised care pack to brighten her day and showing our support during a difficult time.

Thank you!

I have just received my package. I'm overwhelmed with emotion. You have really lifted my spirits!

Jul 20, 2021
With the cold winter months fast approaching, everybody needs a little shelter from the 'storm'. Each winter warmer care package contains a soft blanket, scarf, beanie, hot chocolate, coffee and delicious snacks, as well as. retail gift card.

Thank you ever so much iWYZE for the wonderful gift you gave me.

I am highly appreciating your unconditional giving. May the most-high God I serve richly bless you all in Jesus Christ's name.

Mrs. Majoro*

Mrs. Naidu
Aug 31, 2021
Due to the recent riots in KZN, Mrs Naidu* lost her job at a big franchise retail store and the family found themselves in a dire situation. Magical Moments sent the family a food voucher to assist during these difficult times. Then there were good news – Mrs Naidu* will be starting a new job in another big retail store soon.

Hello, We sincerely appreciate the kind gesture may the Lord's blessings b with u and ur company always ...God works in mysterious ways ...slowly things are starting to be back to normal ...thank u so much ...i have tears typing this ...have a good and blessed day 🤗🙏😇

God is good, going to start my new work soon. 

And I will definitely bless someone else as well. 

Kind regards
Mrs Naidu and family

Mrs. Molope
Sep 9, 2021
Our iWYZE customer, Mrs Molope’s* whole house burnt down after a fire started at the distribution board. They escaped the fire unharmed, but unfortunately lost everything. They were not only very traumatised after witnessing the events and fleeing to safety, but also very heartsore after losing all their personal belongings and memorabilia. The family’s care pack consisted of snacks, pampering products, a soft toy teddy bear for her 3-year-old girl, as well as a travelling bag. As they are between houses and staying with friends, the travel bag will make their commute easier.

🥰  What a beautiful way to start my day!  ❤❤  I'm overwhelmed.  Thank you so much! My care pack arrived and I'm over the moon 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽.

Thank you so much sometimes when we paying for insurances, we always think they are just making business. Once you want to claim they give you hustles but today iWYZE proved me wrong all my claims were processed and on top of that they are spoiling me and my family🥺  something I never thought will happen.

I thank you for being with me in my trying times. May God bless you 🥰

Mrs. Makapela
Oct 11, 2021
Our customer, Mrs Makapela* was involved in a very serious vehicle accident. She sustained multiple injuries and has a long road ahead until full recovery. To lift her spirits and show we care, Magical Moments arranged for a care pack to be delivered to her home.

Thank you!

Wow wow so beautiful 😻. I am speechless. I am very happy.

Brilliant Brilliant 🙌👏👏❤️🎁🥰 

The care pack is amazing, but it is not about the size of the hamper or the content, it is the outreach to me. I am grateful for the support. It brought light and hope in my life and that is priceless.

iWYZE touched my soul and I feel part of a family.  I pray for a long and successful business growth for iWYZE. Keep on with the good work.  More blessing to you 🥰⭐️

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