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Before you start comparing insurance quotes, you need to ask yourself what it is you really want: reliable insurance, value for money or maybe all of the above. The best choice would be picking an insurer that offers you the best value and protection.

Our quotation process

What is a quote?

A quotation is a document that lets you know the estimated cost of insurance or services before you decide to purchase them.

Remember that our quotations are always risk profile dependent, we always aim to offer you the best value insurance for your needs and lifestyle. We don’t assume anything, that’s why we ask you a set of questions so we can ensure you get the right cover at the right price. For example, some of the questions we may ask are:

For car insurance

  • What model is your car?
  • What you use the car for, business or private purposes?
  • Where the car is parked during the day?
  • How long you’ve had your driver’s licence for?
  • Where you park the car overnight?

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For life insurance

  • Your medical history
  • If you’re a smoker or consume alcohol
  • Family medical history

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For home insurance

  • Home address
  • The kind of material used for roof and walls
  • If you have an alarm system
  • The value of your home
  • The value of your home contents

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Did you know?

  • According toe the Automobile Association of SA,there are currently 11.4 million registered vehicles driving on our roads, of which between 65% and 70% are uninsured
  • With a comprehensive car insurance cover, you also get covered for third party liability?
  • Most banks now require that you have life insurance in place before a home loan or vehicle finance approval?
  • We are the first insurer to use drone technology to assess building claims

Because we take the time to get to know you, we are able to give you the best product for your specific insurance needs. We might also save you money in the process if you get insured with us. Get started with your quote now!