Keep your mind stimulated with iWYZE Education

Education is the cornerstone of society and the key to unlocking endless opportunities to improve the lives of South African families. We are therefore privileged to partner with Boston City Campus to help preserve our educational foundations during the devastating COVID-19 pandemic that has changed our realities, in the hopes that we can work together to not only survive together, but to become stronger and wiser together. iWYZE Education offers you and your immediate household family a variety of academic programmes for high school learners and adults through the IVY Academy and Boston Connect channels, respectively.

Boston City Campus WhatsApp hotline
087 255 5793
(08:00 – 17:00)

Call center number
011 551 2000

IVY Academy

Access a range of academic support programmes for Gr 8 – Gr 12 new millennium learners to achieve their excellence through integrated, contemporary and progressive learning. For any discerning parent — IVY Academy is the wise choice

Boston Connect

Ever wondered what the missing piece is from reaching your true potential? The Boston Connect platform can help you answer this with a variety of business modules for professionals and entrepreneurs, tutorials on the jobs of the future plus lifestyle and self-improvement programmes.

Unlock your potential, so that you can own the outcome of your destiny.

Financial planning

Easy steps to get your finances on lock-down in the right way!

The jobs of the future

The fourth industrial revolution reshapes the future of work. Learn how artificial intelligence can provide intelligent solutions to tackle different societal challenges.

Want to be your own boss?

Explore entrepreneurship in the digital age. Learn how to turn your passion into a business and your business into a potential success.

Grow your business bigger and better

We share some gems to help you boost your business. These include expert advice, key learnings and best practices.

Personal development

To know where you’re going in life, you need to have a plan. Learn how to set measurable goals and measure how close you are to achieving them.

Lifestyle – sports

Discover how your passion for sport can set you up for a healthier lifestyle or even a great career.

Business English

Learn how to use business language tools and techniques to improve your business skills.

Lifestyle – wellness

Learn to master self-awareness. Become more open and confident, through the right attitude and thought-control.