Rainy season has arrived. Here are seven handy tips to waterproof your home.

When it rains, it pours… especially in Gauteng! In recent weeks, large parts of the country experienced heavy rainfall and flash floods. 

Living in sunny South Africa, this is not an everyday occurrence and extreme weather often catches homeowners off-guard – leading to hundreds of thousands of Rands in rain damage. 

Having comprehensive homeowners insurance and home contents insurance policies in place is crucial, but here are a few handy hints to waterproof your home from Old Mutual iWYZE – helping you to ensure a silver lining when the storm clouds gather. 


  1. Stay on top of your roof
    Most water-related insurance claims arise from damage caused by a faulty roof. Make sure you regularly inspect your roof for broken, loose or misaligned tiles and damaged fascia boards. 
  2. Keep your mind in the gutter(s) 
    A backed-up gutter can cause serious damage. Clear your gutters at least twice a year of fallen leaves and other debris. Also make sure your gutters are securely fixed to the wall and roof – a loose piece of outside plumbing in a gust of wind is dangerous. 
  3. Clear your downspouts
    Make sure that your downspouts are securely fixed and pointing away from your home. If rainwater is constantly led back towards your house, it will soon weaken your walls and foundation. 
  4. Plan your plants
    We all love a great looking garden, but take care to plant trees and shrubs that won’t accelerate soil erosion. Vegetation with deep roots can also damage or break underground pipes. 
  5. Use your brain when you use the drain
    Never dispose of oil, fat or grease by pouring it down the drain. These solidify easily, and when your drainage system is under pressure from a storm, the last thing you want are clogged pipes that bubbles up back into your home.
  6. Elevate the electronics 
    Despite our best efforts, leaks do still happen. Never leave plugged in appliances or multi-plugs on the floor. Water and electricity do not mix well! 
  7. Mind the gaps… and the cracks
    Fix interior cracks as soon as possible, especially in the bathroom. Water can collect in cracks and behind broken bathroom tiles and damage the structure of your home. Not only does this lead to rot, mildew and mould, but if it could cause unseen damage to such an extent that one big rainstorm can push it over the edge and cause major damage.

Also keep in mind that most homeowner’s insurance policies only cover accidental or sudden damage – not negligence. 



We can’t control the weather, but we can prepare for Mother Nature’s mood swings. Chat to Old Mutual iWYZE for an affordable, reliable and comprehensive home insurance quote. We offer both homeowner’s insurance and home contents insurance to protect your home and everything in it.