When people think of comprehensive insurance cover, their primary focus is usually on their possessions. They get comprehensive house insurance and make sure their personal belongings and assets are covered.
This post was published on 24 Feb, 2017

Have you ever considered the possibility that this might not be enough. What would happen if someone were to lay a liability claim against you? Without personal liability and legal insurance, you could find yourself in a financially crippling situation.

We have no knowledge as to what could happen throughout any given day. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye. A tragic accident can turn a person’s life upside down in an instant.

That’s why it is wise to  have Personal Liability insurance. If you are in a situation involving an accidental death, injury or damage to a third party and you are found guilty, you need to be certain that you are protected. You deserve to know that the costs involved can be covered and that the claim can be settled.

Personal Liability Insurance offers you cover for the following:

  • Property Owner’s Liability Cover. This protects you if a claim is laid against you by a third party. This includes accidental death, injury or damage which has occurred on your property.
  • Householder’s Liability Cover. This option can also be considered if a claim is laid against you by a third party regarding an accidental death, illness, injury, loss or damage which occurred on your property.
  • Tenant’s Liability Cover. This will give you indemnification should you become legally accountable (if you are a tenant) to pay for any damages to property and outbuildings; accidental damages to fixed glass or sanitary ware; and accidental damages to connections for electricity, water, sewerage, gas or telephones.
  • Extended Personal Liability Cover. You can opt for the Extended Personal Liability cover. For only a small additional premium, you will receive added cover of up to R 20 million if a situation where a claim is made against you arises.
  • iWYZE Legal Costs Cover. iWYZE will offer cover for your legal costs where a civil action is made by you, or against you. iWYZE will also assist in covering your defense should you be faced with criminal charges.

We don’t know what might happen in the future. We can only make sure we are covered, should the unexpected happen. For wise, affordable and comprehensive insurance quotes, contact iWYZE today.


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