As a member of a reliable medical aid you probably feel quite secure when you have to make an unplanned visit to the doctor or have to undergo a procedure at a hospital. Unfortunately, medical benefits have been reduced on certain plans. As a result, there is a possibility you might find yourself with additional expenses not covered by your current scheme.
This post was published on 25 Jan, 2017

Get adequate gap cover for unexpected situations

Aside from offering reliable and affordable insurance for vehiclesbuildings and household contents, iWYZE now offers gap cover, a solution which has been carefully designed and implemented to ensure that you are not left struggling to pay excessive shortfalls for medical accounts. When it comes to medical treatment and surgical procedures, there is often an outstanding shortfall between what the specialists/surgeons or hospitals are charging, and what you are covered for by your medical aid. As a result, you will have to settle the difference. However, with gap cover, you can avoid the struggle of having to deal with these shortfalls.

iWYZE gap cover benefits

  • Tariff shortfalls. For some medical procedures, surgeons and anaesthetists might charge more than your medical aid is prepared to pay. However, with gap cover the shortfall will be taken care of.
  • You will receive cover for in-hospital medical treatments and surgical procedures.
  • Out-patient treatment programs, such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy or renal dialysis, can incur high costs which your medical aid does not cover. With adequate and reliable gap cover you and your family will have financial security for these expenses.
  • Co-payments. For certain procedures, your medical aid will require you to pay a fixed up-front fee, known as a co-payment. This is generally required for MRI/CT/PET scans. These costs can be quite expensive and you can be left having to deal with a large shortfall if your savings are depleted. However, with gap cover, you won’t have to worry about these payments.
  • Gap cover will provide the principal member of the medical aid scheme with cover, as well as a registered spouse and children who are registered as child dependents.

For more information on gap cover, go to iWYZE Gap Cover or call 0860 63 33 39

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