Potholes are a nightmare on our roads, be careful!
This post was published on 19 Aug, 2022

Many South African roads are currently not in a good condition. Visible to all drivers are potholes, some have been around for too long and others develop soon after a bout of rain. Some roads in cities and in rural areas have become very dangerous, more so at night and when it rains, then potholes become very difficult to observe. Ducking and diving to evade potholes is a dangerous game, more so at speed. Taking evasive action can deliver fatal accidents.

Hitting a pothole can cause major damage to your shiny and beloved car. Damage can include tyres & rims, shock absorbers and ruining the alignment of tyres. More severe are when drivers lose control and roll cars or crash into oncoming traffic. There are endless damages potholes can cause.

In South Africa, potholes are common all over, gone are the days that it was a problem limited to rural roads and small towns, and unfortunately not all pothole damaged roads carry warnings thereof.

What can you do?

Visibility at night may limit our ability to see potholes, more so if we fail to use main beam headlights when there is no oncoming traffic. Extra caution and vigilance can prevent hitting a pothole, and when street lighting is poor or absent, slowing down is the wise and responsible decision.

Our current loadshedding and power outages issues result in more dark roads and not all motorists respect and heed intersections where traffic lights are out. As a driver you now have to exercise extra caution. Heed and respect road hazard signs. The time has arrived when we also have to think for the other driver less inclined to be responsible.

Keep a safe following distance:
This will ensure that you’re able to see potholes in time and avoid them or drive around the pothole safely.

Reduce your speed:
Driving slower will help you to make the right decision when you see a pothole and also reduce the risk of damage. It is never a good strategy to increase speed with the hope to fly over potholes.

Wet roads can be dangerous:
Use extreme caution when driving over wet patches - what may appear as a shallow and small pothole could be a death trap and pothole that may rip your car apart. 

Monitor your tyre pressure:
Check your tyre pressure to make sure that it is at a pressure recommended by the car manufacturer.  Should you hit a pothole, your vehicle is protected by properly maintained tyres that are in a good condition, balanced and aligned.

Check Suspension and Alignment:
Vehicle handling, excessive vibration or uneven wearing of tyres are indications of a shock absorber and alignment issues. It is best that you get a trusted mechanic to check your car before embarking on any trips.

Keep Your Eyes on the Road, an alert and cautious driver is less likely to hit a pothole.

You’ve hit a pothole, what’s next?

You are a wise iWYZE policyholder and your tyre & rim value added product is going to assist to fix the tyre & rim. And if the damage is more, you can rely on your iWYZE vehicle insurance to put you back on the road.

Where appropriate iWYZE will hold the road agency managing the road accountable for your and our loss. 

Are you insured?

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