Reap the benefits of insuring with iWYZE and get all your Buildings insurance premiums paid back to you in cash. Find out now if you qualify!
This post was published on 29 Jul, 2014

Our Buildings Cash Back Bonus is the latest addition to our range of great savings and benefits. It’s a new optional benefit for home owners that pays back ALL of the Buildings insurance premiums for your house in cash after six claim-free years! To qualify for this benefit, all you need to do is insure your house (the building), its contents and your car with iWYZE.

Here’s how it works:

As long as you don’t claim on your home insurance (also called Buildings insurance) policy for six years, you’ll receive a FULL REFUND of all the Buildings insurance premiums you’ve paid for your house – and it’s your cash to use as you choose!
To give you an example, let’s assume your Buildings insurance premium is R350 per month:

R350 X 72 months = R25 200 IN CASH!

Just think of what you could do with so much extra money! You could buy that flat-screen TV or home entertainment centre you’ve had your eye on, you could use it for home improvements, a family holiday, invest it in your child’s education or your retirement savings, or even put it towards the deposit on a new car or home. Whatever you decide, how you spend your iWYZE Buildings Cash Back Bonus is completely up to you!

Get Buildings insurance for your house, ON THE HOUSE!

As you can see, if you don’t already have Buildings insurance with iWYZE you’re missing out! So make sure you cover your home, its contents and your car with us. Not only will you save money by insuring all your valuables under one roof, you could also get your house insurance on the house!

What’s more, as an iWYZE customer, you’ll automatically qualify for our optional General Cash Back Bonus as well as a range of other fantastic benefits. Get your free insurance quote from iWYZE by calling 0860 93 94 93 now or submitting your details and start to enjoy great savings and cash-back rewards today!

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