Are you one of the 2,075,000 South African bakkie owners? Make sure that it is insured for the right purpose. Introducing iWYZE Business Insurance, a partner that will protect your business as it grows.
This post was published on 22 Apr, 2021

According to the National Traffic Information System, these vehicles represent about 23% of all registered vehicles on our roads.  

“Bakkies” are core to South Africans’ everyday lives and have proven themselves as valuable contributors to our economy.  Bakkies are used for leisure or double-up to support a business. The world of bakkies isn’t as simple as knowing the difference between a Hilux, Ranger or a long-forgotten, Peugeot 504, and need to be insured with great care, especially if it’s your business bakkie.  

Ayabulela Xongo, Head of Customer Care at Old Mutual iWYZE says: “Policyholders must ensure that if a bakkie is primarily used for business purposes, it should be insured as such. Not insuring it for the right purpose may invalidate the short-term insurance protection, required at the time of an accident or vehicle theft. It’s equally important at sales stage to accurately share all the required information with your insurer. Double-check previous losses or driver detail with your previous insurer”. 

Xongo recommends that policyholders carefully study their policy contracts, and advise their insurer if circumstances like address or regular driver detail, change. Continuously complying with policy conditions and being precise at claims stage about incident details will fast-track a settlement and get your bakkie back on the road. Don’t underestimate the impact your car hire option may have on your business – this rental vehicle will help to get the job done while your ‘Faithful’ is being repaired. Insurers offer a range of categories, tailored to businesses’ specific requirements – choose wisely. 

With these boxes checked, business owners can hit the road with peace of mind, knowing that their bakkies are covered and it’ll be business as usual when life happens.  

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