This post was published on 23 January, 2017

Let’s look at how your life can be complicated as the result of not having short term insurance. In other words, things you can’t live without.

Your vehicle

You motor vehicle can be seen as one of the most influential assets you have. It’s something that dictates your way of life. Depending on the model you choose after careful evaluation of your budget and lifestyle, your vehicle becomes more than a mere tool that takes you from point A to B.

Now imagine your vehicle. An integral part in your day-to-day life, has been damaged due to an accident. Your daily routine is suddenly compromised along with your budget for the next few months due to repair costs. Short term insurance covers you against most of these costs. This allows for your life to quickly revert back to convenience.

Your house

Probably the most valuable asset you possess is your home. And being the occupant of the house, you’ve come to know that no home is without its faults. From a leaky roof to blown geyser, your house can throw a costly surprise at you.

By taking out a short term insurance policy for your home, you can ensure that your home and wallet is covered against unexpected incidents.

Legal Insurance

Legal insurance is something that’s not always on your mind. When it’s time to use legal services however, it’s better knowing that you have legal insurance. This gives you the financial support needed for the excessive costs of legal services.

Many insurance companies will provide you with benefits such as 24-hour legal advice if you have short term insurance. This means you can breathe easier knowing that professional legal advice is just a phone call away.

Whether you have short term insurance for your house, car, legal aid or even funeral service, it’s best to know that you and your budget will not be caught off-guard the next time an incident happens.


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