You have worked hard for your success; that’s why you’ve rewarded yourself with your dream car. We know that your vehicle is more than just what takes you from A to B; it is a statement and an extension of your brand. Get car insurance for your most valuable asset to protect it against our dangerous South African roads. Have peace of mind knowing you’re with a trustworthy and reliable insurer. Whoever you are, whatever car you drive – trust Old Mutual iWYZE.
This post was published on 18 Mar, 2020

Before deciding on buying car insurance, do your research, compare quotes and insurance benefits. Once you are convinced and have decided on an insurer, take the time to read your policy documents (a trustworthy insurer is transparent, and will send you the documents in writing). This way, you will know in detail what your car cover entails. Familiarise yourself with the terms &conditions and underwriting rules.

Some car insurers have built good claims handling reputation, and a trustworthy insurer will have an excellent claims payout record. Check the car insurer’s claim rejection rate, read their customers’ testimonials and check what people have to say about them on a compliment or complaint site.

Excellent customer service is the speed, accuracy, and courtesy that a car insurer demonstrates when assisting their customers. You can tell if an insurer is trustworthy by how they prioritise excellent service. They will contact you back in good time once you’ve indicated you’re interested in car insurance, keep their promises, always revert to you with feedback and keep you in the loop with the progress of either your complaint or claim.

To sum it up, look for an insurer that:

  • Always answers your questions, calls you back, prioritise your complaints, and makes you feel like a valuable customer, not just another number.
  • Has a good reputation - for paying out claims (a low rejection rate).
  • Is consistent and backed by Old Mutual, a reliable and trustworthy insurer that has been in existence 170 years.
  • Gives you great value for money (affordable car insurance premiums that fit into your budget) and added benefits.

Remember that success comes with a partner you can trust. Make the wise car insurance choice, be with Old Mutual iWYZE.


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