Choose a trusted and reliable car insurer
This post was published on 19 Aug, 2022

Before you settle for a car insurance company, you have to first shop around for an insurer that not only give you value for money but the best coverage too. Tedious as shopping for car insurance can be, it’s an exercise that will be worth it in the end. 

What is car insurance and why is it important?

Car insurance is cover for your car, you pay a monthly fixed amount to an insurer for the cover, known as a premium. This is to protect yourself financially should your car be stolen or damaged.

People often say: “I don’t need insurance; I can save money monthly to pay for repairs should my car be damaged.”

To do this you need to be financially disciplined, it is easier to have insurance and a debit order going off monthly, the added advantage is peace of mind knowing that should anything happen to your car, you’re covered PLUS insurers have approved mechanics and dealership relationships, making it easier to get car parts at negotiated prices. Going directly to a mechanic would most probably cost you more and should the car be written off; you risk not having enough money to fully replace the car. Getting car insurance is the wise thing to do but where do you start?

1. Car insurance quotes comparison

You’ll only get the best value for money if you shop around to make an informed decision.  There are online tools to help you compare car insurance quotes, be sure to do a like for like comparison though. Cheaper doesn’t always equal best coverage, the last thing you need is to be under insured!

Don’t compromise on the quality of your cover, take time to make the right decision and carefully evaluate your options. Read through the Ts and Cs on the quotes and ask for explanations for the terms you don’t understand.

2. Choose the right cover

Comprehensive Car Insurance gives you the best coverage, especially when you’re a new driver or your car is brand new. This is cover for any damage caused by accidents, natural disasters such as floods or hail, theft and third-party damages.

3. Make the wise insurance choice, choose a trusted and reliable insurer

A good insurer is one that is trusted by its clients, is reliable and keep to their service promise. You will have peace of mind with a trusted insurer, knowing that your claims will be processed efficiently and timeously.

4. Lookout for benefits

Another factor to consider when taking out car insurance is the benefits that come with the cover and if you need some of them. For example, you might be offered a car- hire option which you may not need as this comes at an additional cost.

5. Research the Claims Process and history

You would need to familiarise yourself with your insurer’s claims process. You also need to research if they have an app or website you can use to submit a claim, the easiness of submitting a claim and what their clients say about them.

6.  Trustworthy Car Repair Services

A reliable insurer will make use of reputable mechanics and car repair companies. If possible, research which companies they use for repairs and if you will be able to contact them for an update on your car repairs.

The best way to provide you with absolute peace of mind is by choosing an insurer that is right for your needs and pockets. Be sure to do your thorough research, ask questions and be sure before making a decision on which insurer to go for.

Looking for a reliable and trusted car insurer?

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