Find out why home and household contents insurance is so important in SA, and where to look for a reliable short-term insurer.
This post was published on 20 Jul, 2014

If you think that there’s little chance of your house and its contents being completely destroyed by a fire or other disaster, think again!

The most recent statistics published by the Fire Protection Association of South Africa show that as many as 9 746 fires were reported to have occurred in private homes in one year alone, resulting in losses of more than R573 billion! Considering that the estimated population of South Africa is around 48.6 million, such statistics represent a 1 in 1 200 chance of suffering the devastating impact of a fire.

To make matters worse, the 2012/2013 Crime Report released by the SAPS shows that there has been a 69.8% increase in housebreaking and robberies in the past 9 years (2004/5 -2012/13) with an increase of 3.6% in the 2012/13 financial year alone. Add to this the possibility of damage caused by natural disasters such as floods, storms and lightning, and you’ll see why household insurance is absolutely vital.

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When you insure your house (the building)and your household contents with iWYZE, you will enjoy the security of knowing that your assets are protected by an insurance company you can rely on.

Get homeowner’s cover you can rely on

We’ll help you to tailor your insurance portfolio to meet your needs and your budget. All you have to do is select the home insurance cover you want from the available options and we’ll work out the most competitive premium for you.

All iWYZE Home Insurance policies also come with automatic liability cover to protect you in the event that a third party lays a claim against you for accidental death, injury or illness that occurs on your property.

Plus, you can add a range of optional benefits to your iWYZE Household Contents policy, such as guest’s property cover, a temporary accommodation benefit and even cover for medical and veterinary expenses.

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