Be prepared for costs associated with funerals
This post was published on 29 Sep, 2021

The importance of taking out a funeral cover with iWYZE

Life is so unpredictable, if anything the last year has shown us just how short life is. Although unpleasant a topic, death is an unfortunate reality. It is better to always stay prepared for any of life’s unforeseen circumstances. With the iWYZE Funeral Cover, you can make sure that you and your family are spared from the financial burden that comes with arranging a funeral.


  • Flexible cover options with pay-outs of up to R70 000 per insured person.
  • Three different plans to choose from – Individual, Single Adult Family or Family Funeral Plan.
  • An unlimited number of dependent children covered on our Family and Single Adult Family Funeral Plans.
  • Money back guarantee pays a benefit equal to all the premiums we've received if an insured person dies due to causes other than an accident in the waiting period.
  • Quick, easy and paperless applications – online or by telephone.
  • No premium increases for the first 12 months 


It will give cash to pay for the funeral

The iWYZE Family Funeral Plan cover pay- out can be used to pay for your funeral or that of your family members who are covered under your policy. The money could assist with paying towards a dignified send off.

Funeral cover is mostly affordable

Contrary to the popular belief that funeral plans are expensive, they are actually mostly more affordable than other types of insurance, meaning that paying the monthly premiums will not break the bank and you will still be able to continue providing for your family. With the iWYZE Funeral Plan, premiums will only increase after 12 months. 

Extra expenses associated with funerals

There are so many costs that creep up during the arrangement of funerals, things like transport for family, headstone, memorial and church services. Having a funeral cover in place could help pay for all these costs.

Payouts are usually quick

Funeral cover plans generally payout within a short time frame, this then allows family closure and time to mourn the passing of a loved one without having to worry about finances. Losing a loved one is already hard enough for those left behind, ensure that funeral expenses and financial strain are the last things they have to worry about


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