Want to find out how to get the most out of your insurance policy? Simply take a look at our insurance tips below, and learn the ins and outs of car, home and contents insurance.
This post was published on 10 Mar, 2017

Knowledge is Power

So the more you know about protecting your car, your home and your personal possessions, the more prepared and the more in control you’ll be throughout life’s ups and downs.

  • Car insurance excess – what you need to know
    What exactly is car insurance excess? And why should you have to pay it in the first place – particularly when claiming for an incident caused by a third party? Take a look at our guide to car insurance excess and find out why it exists, and how it fits into your car insurance policy as a whole.
  • Cheap or Comprehensive Car Insurance – which is best?
    When it comes to choosing your car insurance policy, there are pros and cons to each of the cover options available. Learn more about the difference between third party and comprehensive car insurance, and find the one that suits you, your vehicle, and your budget best.
  • Retail Value and Market Value – what’s the difference?
    The amount for which you insure your vehicle could mean the difference between paying a little or paying a lot should you ever need to replace your vehicle. Find out more about the various car value options available and make an informed decision about your car insurance policy going forward.
  • Why do you need home insurance?
    Home break-ins and burglaries are on the increase, while incidents such as fire and other natural disasters can happen to anyone. Find out how you can protect your family home with comprehensive Buildings and Household contents insurance from Old Mutual iWYZE.
  • Why is car insurance in SA so important?
    Find out why it’s vital to insure your car against loss or damage and follow our hints and tips to choosing the most appropriate car insurance cover available.

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