Gap insurance, or gap cover is a great offering from iWYZE that helps you literally “fill in the gap” where your health insurance does not cover you. Whether it is an important procedure like chemotherapy or a specialized procedure, iWYZE gap cover will be your saving grace.
This post was published on 16 May, 2017

You probably took out a medical aid policy as an assurance that you will be financially assisted when you need it the most, you probably also assumed you would be entirely or almost entirely covered for doctors’ visits and medical procedures. Medical procedures are notoriously costly, depending on the procedure, medical aid companies tend not to cover 100% of the related costs. This is where gap cover comes in. iWYZE gap cover provides cover for some medical procedures, surgeons and anaesthetics. In-hospital medical treatments as well as out-patient treatments are covered.

Help when you need it most

When you buy gap cover, you will be assisted in paying the difference between what the hospitals or specialists are charging and the overall amount that your medical aid contributes. However, it should be recognized that, gap cover does not replace or act as a substitute for your current medical aid cover, nor does it cover you for every shortfall between what you are charged and what your medical aid pays.

Unexpected medical issues

If your kids love the outdoors, you’ll know every scratch and gash can’t always be wiped away. Life happens when we least expect it. Luckily, even though you are the principle member of your iWYZE insurance, your kids and partner will be covered too.

Benefits of iWYZE Gap Cover

iWYZE will assist and take the financial and emotional strain of your medical bills with: co-payments, out-patient treatment programmes, covering your partner and dependents, as well as tariff shortfalls.

Before buying gap insurance, make sure you have all the facts you need. Check your current medical aid scheme (most importantly, read the fine print) and make sure the gap cover, literally, fills in the gap.

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