Load shedding safety tips
This post was published on 19 Aug, 2022

Load shedding safety tips

It seems our days of load- shedding are far from over, it is part of our lives. Various load-shedding schedules are announced on the days we have load-shedding. Unfortunately, with load- shedding comes a lot of safety risks, below are some tips to stay safe while waiting for power to be restored.

Take care of your appliances

  • Always remember to switch off the stove and all other electrical appliances, invest in surge protection, electric surges can cause big damages to your appliances and equipment.
  • Although not affected by load-shedding, gas appliances shouldn’t be placed near any heating agents, stoves, heaters or elements.

Light when there’s darkness
  • Emergency lights are a good investment and can be used for light during load-shedding
  • Charge your torches and phones when you have power so you can use them to light up when there’s no power.

Home safety
  • If you happen to make fires for cooking or for heating during load- shedding, please remember to extinguish all open fires.  Don’t make open fires near thatched roofs as they are extremely susceptible to ignition by sparks from open flames
  • Invest in back-up batteries for your security gate and alarm system. During power cuts, some electronic gates may open automatically. Be sure to check your that your gate is closed, criminals may take advantage of the darkness and try come in.

Road safety

Load-shedding affects traffic lights and therefore resulting in traffic for motorist.  Stay safe on the road by:

  • Planning your routes before driving anywhere, taking into consideration the area you might be driving to might be experiencing load shedding.
  • Being extra cautious at affected traffic lights, make sure that other cars are stationary before making your way.

At night
  • Streetlights may be off, and visibility may be reduced, this may make it very hard to spot road hazard like potholes. Slow down to increase danger but always remain vigilant.
  • Keep your car’s headlights on to make yourself more visible to other road users and when approaching your home for safety reasons.

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