Whether at home or on the road, keeping your family protected and safe from harm is a full-time job.
This post was published on 10 Mar, 2017

Keep your family safe with a little help from iWYZE

While car and home insurance from iWYZE can help, practical tips, tools and resources can play an integral role as well. Take a look at our guidelines to safeguarding your loved ones in every situation, and make sure that you are always fully prepared in every circumstance.

  • Keeping your children safe at home
    With so many sharp corners, electrical sockets and movable objects, homes can be a danger zone for children if not safeguarded carefully. Find out how to keep your home safe room by room and make sure your children’s environment is always a welcoming, nurturing one.
  • How to keep your children safe on the road
    From car seats to booster seats, cushions, seatbelts and more, there are so many ways to keep your little ones safe while driving. Find out how to buckle your children up securely for their safety and your peace of mind.
  • Three steps to avoid becoming a hijack victim
    With car hijacking statistics escalating annually, staying safe means staying vigilant and alert. Take a look at our three tips to avoid becoming hijacked, and ensure that you and your vehicle are fully protected at all times.

Find more tips, tools and resources in our Tips and Tools section, designed to inform and empower you.

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