When you think about it, the only thing you know you are going to own for your entire lifetime is your life itself. Everything else, be it your car, your house, your possessions, aren’t guaranteed to always be yours. That is not to sound pessimistic, but rather to underline the inevitability of change in life.
This post was published on 24 Feb, 2017

You could trade in your car, sell your house, and update your possessions as they grow older. In this sense, your life is the only thing that is long term, and everything else is short term. And that is the best way to describe short term insurance.

A life insurance policy is pretty much the only thing that is long term while everything else falls under short term insurance cover. You may have your car or house for decades, but that isn’t much in comparison to your lifetime, making the former prime examples of items falling under short term cover.

But, What is short term insurance cover?

So, you know that short term insurance covers anything that isn’t considered to be permanently in your possession. Now you want to know what it is.

Short term cover is very simple. It is exactly what you would expect an insurance policy to be. You pay monthly installments called ‘premiums’ and, in return, your insurer promises that you will never have to feel the full loss of your possessions should something happen to them.

The phrase ‘short term’ exists to explain the nature of these insurance policies. You only hold the policy for the amount of time that you need it, meaning that you won’t have to commit to an insured item – like a house or car – for the rest of your life. Once you move house or sell the car, the term of insurance for the items or property you would have added to your Short Term Insurance Cover ends.

Where Can I Take Out Short Term Insurance?

As mentioned, short term insurance is the wise way to protect your possessions.  Short Term Insurance is also important when it comes to  business and travel. As such, it is not hard to find an insurer. However, be sure to find a Short Term Insurance company that puts your needs first.

You want to receive excellent cover at manageable premiums, and not have an inflated excess that you simply can’t afford. Fortunately, you’ve already found a short term insurance company that meets all of the above criteria, and has excellent service to boot.

So, for make the wise choice and join the short term insurance cover that won’t disappoint, contact iWYZE today!

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