If you’re worried about your home and its contents falling victim to the villainous acts of unscrupulous criminals, it’s best to ensure that you have house insurance in place and that it’s comprehensive.
This post was published on 22 Feb, 2017

Gathering house insurance quotes and selecting the right type of cover for your house and contents – vs. the numerous costs of house insurance, is the first step to making sure that you’re covered if anything happens, but that’s not all that you can do to protect your home and your valuables. Being vigilant, alert and aware is also a vital step in the process.

Part of being vigilant is ensuring that you’re well aware of the risks and what times of the day are considered the most dangerous in terms of house break-ins. In reality, there’s no easy answer, as break-ins and robberies aren’t predictable. They can happen at absolutely any time of the day or night, but if we take a close look at the stats, it’s easy to see what times criminals seem to prefer.

Night time – when your guard is down

If you think that burglaries occur only when you’re not at home, you’re mistaken. Reports prove that more and more home burglaries are happening while residents are at home. This means that robbers don’t need to deal with the element of surprise when someone gets home.

  • According to information collected by robberies reported to the SAPS between the years of 2011 and 2015, as much as 75% of robberies occurred at night, regardless of whether the residents were present or not!
  • Security companies advise that the times that your home is most vulnerable are between the hours of 9pm and midnight and then again between the hours of midnight and 3am.

Why are these the most vulnerable hours for your home and the most active hours for home burglars? These are the hours where home occupants are most likely to be unwinding, relaxing or even sleeping and a time when their guard is down. The robbers might even enter and leave your home unnoticed and if you do unwittingly interrupt them, chances are that you weren’t even aware of them, which puts you in an incredibly vulnerable position.

What can you do to protect your home from break-ins?

First, make use of our house insurance calculator to find a home insurance cover that caters to your needs. Then it’s time to make sure that your home is prepared for attempted break-ins.

Vulnerable entry points are open or broken doors and windows. If latches and locks aren’t working, get them repaired as soon as possible.

It’s time to light things up

Burglars can hide away in poorly lit areas, waiting for you to go to bed. Consider installing motion sensor security lights and if you aren’t at home, leave a light or two on or make sure that a friend or neighbour visits the home so that there’s some movement and activity. Remember that criminals have probably been watching you and your home for days or hours before a break-in occurs.

You should also have an alarm system fitted and linked to armed response. These systems don’t just deter criminals – they save lives. You can make use of a panic button or remote in the event of an emergency, and if your home is broken into when you are out, you can process your home insurance claim with greater ease if your alarm was activated at the time.

Are you worried that your home might be next on the local burglar’s to-do list? Safeguard your home and ensure that you don’t end up out of pocket in the event of a break in! Chat to us at Old Mutual iWYZE about our house and contents insurance packages today.


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