Because of the fact that professional motor sport is male dominated, the perception is that men are better drivers than women. But racing drivers drive fast, not well.
This post was published on 22 Feb, 2017

At least, not well by road safety standards. Because of this, and a healthy dose of statistics, men have to deal with the fact that insurance quotes are going to favour women as better drivers

Insurance investigates the big question

Call it gender rivalry, but the question of whether women or men are better at driving can’t be left alone. Studies all over the world have recently been using science to get to the bottom of it and, sorry chaps, but statistically, women are better.

Recently South Africa used software designed by ex-Formula-1 designer, Rory Byrne, to decide who drove better on South African roads.

The study found that women generally drive with less aggression. They don’t slam on the brakes as often, and they tend to corner slower than men.  So, if safety is at the top of your list of good driving traits, women win this one.

The Australians adopted a psychological approach instead of the technical approach favoured by South African insurance companies. Also, instead of placing caution at the heart of good driving, they opted to look at concentration.

Sadly for the men, women won this one, too.  Australian studies showed that appreciation of the opposite sex was what made men less attentive drivers on Australian roads.

Don’t lose heart at the thought of insurance quotes, fellas

Guys, this may be tough news to take, but don’t be disheartened. While car insurance companies might see ladies as better drivers, there’s still a great deal you can do to make sure that you get some good insurance quotes.

If you are a careful driver, it will show in the records. So, when you apply for insurance, your caution will reflect in your lack of road violations and claims registered.

If you are worried that you might have gone over the speed limit from time to time, don’t panic. Just apply some pressure to the breaks and stop by a fantastic insurer that’s full of great deals, like iWYZE!

But, whatever your gender or driving style, remember that the road is a dangerous place and safety is paramount.

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