Tyre & Rim cover from Old Mutual iWYZE helps you to take care of your most prized possession with cover against minor repairs and pothole damage… without giving up your Cash Back Bonus.


Ensure your car looks and performs at its best at all times with Old Mutual iWYZE Tyre & Rim insurance and enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Compensation for the cost of repairing or replacing tyres and rims due to accidental damage.
  • Cover up to a maximum of four (4) incidents (two tyres and two rims) within a 12 month period, from your cover start date to your anniversary date.
  • Affordable premiums from just R 35.65 a month!
  • Cover for repairs that normally fall under the value of your comprehensive car insurance excess.

What’s more, provided you have an iWYZE car insurance policy, any tyre or rim insurance claims you make will not affect your iWYZE Cash Back Bonus – giving you additional cover that’s not just affordable, but convenient as well.

With all this, as well as our Scratch & Dent Cover and range of car insurance options to choose from, added-value is always a feature of any Old Mutual iWYZE policy.


for affordable, reliable value-added cover you can trust.