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Always take time to read through your policy documentation.

Information to note

You are covered by your policy in the following countries: South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia, Eswatini and Zimbabwe.

You automatically enjoy towing services benefits after an accident. We will cover the cost of the towing service or refund you for the amount that we would have paid for using a towing service provider approved by us.

You may change your cover at any time, and you must ensure that we agree and confirm the change telephonically or in writing.

If you are the first registered owner of a new vehicle which is within 12 months of its first registration (at the time of the incident), and the vehicle is a Total Loss, we compensate at the current purchase price of a new vehicle at retail value.

What’s new?

We now offer the following tailored and innovative insurance solutions to meet your ever changing needs:

    You now can add family members, including children, stepchildren, parents and adopted parents as a registered owner and/or regular driver of the insured vehicle/s to your policy – whether these family members reside with you or not and whether they are financially dependent on you or not. Because if they are important to you, they are important to us!
    The following two brand new cover options have been added, to offer you the same comprehensive cover and benefits but at a lower premium, provided that you meet specific requirements:
    • Low Mileage Cover
      This cover option is ideal if you travel less than 300km per month within the South African borders only. In. You also get one Low Mileage Holiday per year, which we provide written confirmation for, allowing you to exceed the 300km limit per month for a specific period.
    • Daytime Cover
      As the name indicates, this cover has been customised for daytime travel and covers non-financed/ fully paid up vehicles for accidents and incidents between 05:00 -19:00. Hail/storm and theft are covered during daytime but at night/during the curfew hours cover only applies if the vehicle is parked at risk address.

What’s included?

  • We will arrange for your vehicle to be towed to the nearest approved repairer when your vehicle is damaged or involved in an accident.
  • If any part to repair the vehicle is not available in South Africa, as a standard part, we will compensate you for an amount up to the manufacturer’s list price at the time of the loss or damage.
  • The type of cover you choose for your vehicle must be based on how it is used. Your specification of use influences the premium charged and will affect the validity of any claim submitted. Domestic use refers to the vehicle being used only for private, social or pleasure purposes and driving yourself to and from your regular place of work. Exclusions includes situations where the vehicle is used for:
    • transporting passengers for reward;
    • carrying goods for business purposes; and
    • any kind of racing, speeding, or any other contests, trails, rallies or 4x4 courses, test circuits, gymkhanas (time and/or speed events), fun day events or any event held on a racetrack sanctioned by a motoring club.

If the loss of or damage is caused by materially exceeding speed limits or relates to the use of a cellphone in contravention of legislation.

What’s excluded?

  • We don’t compensate for loss, damage or liability caused by gross negligence.
  • Building cover excludes loss or damage due to residence not being maintained.
  • Road Emergency Cover is automatically included with every vehicle you insure under a comprehensive iWYZE Motor Vehicles Insurance policy.
  • Home Emergency Cover is automatically included with your iWYZE Household Contents or Buildings policy.

We’re here when you need us

  • It is now even easier to contact us if you have any queries or if you would like to amend your cover, you can do so by any of the following:

By phone (keep your ID/policy number handy):
0860 93 94 93

By email (include your policy number and latest contact details):
customercare.funeral@iwyze.co.za (Customer Care) / funeralclaims@iwyze.co.za (Claims)

Ask for a call back:


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