Oh yes – the holiday season is almost here, and boy oh boy, are we ready for a good time. 

This post was published on 19 Dec, 2018

Oh yes – the holiday season is almost here, and boy oh boy, are we ready for a good time. From spending some quality time with our families, to some taking on the grandest parties with our friends – everyone should be looking forward to a jolly season. 

During this time, it is important for us to be responsible and not get too caught up in the festivities that we neglect to make wise decisions. As a wise saying goes – prevention is better than cure. So, we put together a few important points for you to consider to keep things safe and protected this holiday season.

  • On fun nights out, leave the cars at home and take an Uber instead. Plan ahead with your friends and decide on the most suitable house, in the most central location that can be used as the pick-up point. Agree on the most effective drop-off and collection plans. In this way, you and your friends can be responsible and accountable together. 

  • Wherever you plan to spend your holiday time, whether it be restaurants, malls or clubs, be mindful of the parking facilities and security. When you plan your activities, do some research on these aspects and select places that are most secured for you, your family and your friends. 

  • We know that everyone wants to look snazzy when going out. We want to dress to kill to make sure that we make a lasting impression – there is nothing wrong with wanting this; however, it’s much safer to leave expensive jewellery at home. It’s best to not draw too much attention from watchful criminals. Make sure that you do not carry cash on you and rather tuck your cellphone in a secure place instead of getting lost in selfie-taking mode. Cellphones and cash are top quick steals for watchful criminals, especially at this time of the year. 

  • Before the festive season reaches its peak, make sure that you do your insurance checklist to ensure that ALL your important belongings are in fact covered. Aside from your car and home, make sure that items such as your cellphone, laptop, expensive rings and expensive clothing items (especially above R1500) are specified and covered on your insurance policy. To be on the safe side, rather contact your insurer as soon as you can and confirm that items such as these are covered – rather be safe than sorry.

In the world we live in, it’s always important to prepare for the bad, so that when it happens, we are not caught off guard. Make the time to think about things and take the preventative measures to ensure your safety and that of your valuable belongings.

Make wise choices this holiday season. Be safe and have fun. 

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