Enjoy even more value as an iWYZE customer with the General cash back bonus and 10% of all your insurance premiums back in cash!

One of the many benefits of insuring with iWYZE is the guarantee of top cash rewards – and in the case of the iWYZE General Cash Back Bonus, that means a refund of 10% of all of your iWYZE insurance premiums (excluding your Buildings insurance premiums) and more cash back in your pocket!

Here’s how it works:

The iWYZE Cash Back Bonus cycle actually becomes shorter the longer you go without claiming! If you remain claim-free for a further 24 months (after the initial 36-month period), you will qualify for another Cash Back Bonus and we will again refund 10% of all your premiums collected for this period.

After that, your Cash Back Bonus will be paid out after a further 12 claim-free months – and again every 12 months after that! In addition, you will still qualify for your General Cash Back Bonus even if you claim for the following:

  • Repairs to a vehicle windscreen which does not require replacement of the glass
  • The use of Road and Emergency Services, provided that no associated claim for loss or damage is registered

In fact, the only circumstances that might lead to you not receiving your General Cash Back Bonus involve you not paying your premiums on time, or making a claim (other than those claims mentioned above).

The General Cash Back Bonus is just one of the many benefits available to iWYZE customers – insure with us today and start enjoying our full range of savings and bonuses for yourself. Simply call us on 0860 93 94 93 now for reliable car and home insurance with real benefits, or submit your details and we’ll call you back!