How many times have you tried to start your car, only to realise that the battery was dead? Or had a flat tyre while driving? Or, in the worst case scenario, been involved in car accident?
This post was published on 19 Feb, 2016

Were you able to call for roadside assistance quickly and easily, or did you waste time and money finding the right numbers to call, and paying exorbitant call-out fees?

Roadside emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time – particularly the three most common incidents of flat tyres, dead batteries and car accidents. As such, it pays not just to be prepared, but to have an affordable roadside assistance service you can call on should the need ever arise. At iWYZE, we have a word for that. We call it Road and Emergency Services, and it’s yours free with any iWYZE car or home insurance policy – peace of mind included.

Roadside Assistance Services – your helping hand in times of need

Joining a roadside assistance programme in South Africa is a responsible decision as a driver. Not only will you have the professional support you need in an emergency situation, you’ll also be able to travel with the reassurance that no matter what you encounter along your journey, you’ll have the tools and resources at hand to help you in any given situation.

Often, however, many roadside assistance programmes will charge you a monthly membership subscription, or callout fees, making asking for help a costly business. Luckily, as an iWYZE insurance policyholder, you’ll never need to worry about additional fees or costs – as your Road and Emergency Services are automatically included for free, with every vehicle you insure under your iWYZE car insurance policy.

Take a look at the various roadside emergencies you’ll be covered for thanks to iWYZE and Road and Emergency Services, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that help is only ever a phone call away.

Total cover of up to R4 000 or a maximum of 2 incidents per year:


Incident Cover
Flat battery Callout fee + 1 hour labour
Key locked inside vehicle Callout fee + 1 hour labour
Out of petrol Fee for 1 callout (the cost of petrol will be for your own account)
Mechanical/electrical breakdown (excluding accidents), or tow to the nearest service provider or place of safekeeping Fee for 1 callout (the cost of petrol will be for your own account)


Outside a radius of 100km from your home:


Incident Cover
Vehicle storage Up to the value of R400 per incident
Repatriation of vehicle Up to the value of R400 per incident
Hotel accommodation or car rental or taxi Up to the value of R400 per incident


Contact iWYZE for a free car insurance quote today

As you can see, thanks to Road and Emergency Services from iWYZE, there’s no need to panic should an emergency situation ever arise. Simply call Road and Emergency Services on 0860 93 94 93, and you’ll have all the roadside assistance you need in an instant, all for free. Call us now for a car insurance quote on 0860 93 94 93, submit your details, or buy car insurance online right away. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be able to navigate life’s highways safely and confidently, with Road and Emergency Services by your side.

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