Getting car insurance quotes is a bit like having countless TV channels. You’re watching something, but you constantly find yourself wondering if there’s something better on another channel.
This post was published on 16 May, 2017

Similarly, you are looking for car insurance quotes, but you never know if you’ve found the best deal. Do you just choose from the ones you’ve found, or do you keep looking until you’ve exhausted every possibility?

Many people turn to comparison sites to help make the process easier. But, this can create a few problems.  So, to help you find the best possible insurance provider for your needs (at the least hassle), we’ve got a few tips for you:

How to Find the Best Insurance Quotes

Don’t Automatically Choose the Cheapest Deal

If you’re using a comparison site you might be tempted to focus purely on price. You see all the results and hone in on the cheapest.  But, the problem with this is that you might not be getting the best value for your money.

Some insurance companies have lower prices but offer less cover. So, while you’re paying less, you’re getting less.  A good idea is to look at competitors that are around that same price range and see what they offer.  If you’re getting more cover and more benefits, it’s worth your while paying slightly more.

Don’t Rely Completely on One Site

Most insurance comparison sites are pretty good, but they might not show you absolutely every deal available. So, if you choose to go this way, visit a few comparison sites and see if anything else turns up.  Even better would be to do some independent research and see if you can find anything that the comparison sites missed.

This is an especially good idea because you’ll likely visit the insurance providers’ sites directly. This way you won’t only be getting price info (as we mentioned in the last point) but you’ll be learning about everything that these providers offer.

Introduce Yourself to the Company

Another problem with basing your choice on price alone is the fact that you don’t get to learn how the company treats different drivers based on different facts. Yes, your age and location make a difference to quotes, but other things matter to insurance companies as well.  Is your driving record completely spotless, do you have any additional driving courses under your belt?  These things matter, and you don’t always get a chance to tell companies about them when using comparison sites.

Choose the Insurer That’s Best for You

These tips might not make the search easier, but they’ll definitely help you get a better deal. By approaching insurance providers independently you’ll have a better chance of ending up with a realistic quote based on your individual profile.

Or, to make matters even easier, come straight to us and let us prepare you a quote that is certain to suit your needs.

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