Think about it, your car is at risk of being damaged just by sitting in a parking lot. Between all the dents that come from trolley impacts and scratches from shopping bags, your car can end up looking like an impressionist painting before too long.
This post was published on 10 Nov, 2016


And, that’s just sitting still.  We still haven’t mentioned the bumps and scrapes that come from flying stones on the freeway. But motorists aren’t doomed to an imperfect vehicle forever, thanks to scratch and dent insurance.

Let’s face it, drivers with immaculate vehicles are a vast minority on South African roads. Do you know anyone without at least a few paint chips on their vehicle?  Probably not, but this is because many vehicle owners don’t want to claim from insurance over a small scratch or dent.

For most motorists, lodging a claim for small scratches and dents would mean losing out on a no claims bonus that could potentially pay out more money than the cost of fixing the imperfections. Because of this, they tend to put off having their car fixed and think they’ll do it when they get paid out.  But, of course, there is always something more pressing when they get the money in hand. After all, it’s hard to pass up a well-deserved holiday in favour of having a few scratches seen to.

Scratch and Dent Insurance

By opting for scratch and dent cover, motorists can ensure that they don’t end up with a flawed car that will never be repaired. This type of cover tends to the small imperfections on the surface of the vehicle, allowing motorists to keep their cars looking good without the fear of ruining a no claims bonus by claiming from insurance.

Scratch and dent insurance maintains the cosmetic integrity of the car, meaning that it doesn’t resolve mechanical issues or significant damage. This makes it the perfect type of insurance to relieve motorists of their qualms about claiming.

While regular insurance demands higher excesses and the risk of losing those bonuses,  Scratch and Dents cover requires much less for excess payments and keeps the car’s full cover intact.

Of course, for this type of policy to be mutually beneficial for the policy holder and the insurer, vehicle owners can’t claim each and every time they get a scratch on their cars. However, the policy does allow for a reasonable amount of claims during the year, ensuring that vehicle owners with cosmetic cover have the best-looking cars on the road.

Scratch and Dent Cover with iWYZE

If you like the sound of being able to keep your car looking as good as new without having to weigh up the pros and cons of claiming from insurance, then the iWYZE Scratch and Dents Cover  is definitely for you.

For more about the many benefits of scratch and dent insurance, contact iWYZE today!

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