Know exactly what you’re covered for.
This post was published on 11 Aug, 2021

You made the wise insurance choice, now it’s time to understand what your policy entails. Your iWYZE policy will continue to provide peace of mind for when life happens. We at iWYZE want to empower you and as such we’ve spent time working hard to improve your car insurance policy benefits and to increase our offering to you. 

Please remember to take time to read through your car insurance policy schedule and documentation. Check that the information contained in your policy schedule is accurate and don’t forget that your premiums are debited monthly from your bank account in advance.  

In this article we will be highlighting some of the policy benefits, your responsibilities as well as certain policy exclusions and policy restrictions:

What happens if my brand-new car is a total loss after a big accident?

  • If you are your car’s first owner and in less than 12 months, a total loss happens after an accident, iWYZE will provide the following:
  • We will consider if you insured the car for retail or market value;
    • Retail value is the estimated value that most dealers will sell a car for;
    • Market value is the average retail and trade-in value of the car.
  • Then depending on the value, iWYZE will compensate you at the value of the current price of a new car of a similar model; if the same model will no longer be available, then we will use the closest similar model.
  • Your only contribution will be your excess if you insured for retail value and if you selected market value, then we will deduct the deprecation since you bought the car and this will be at our discretion.
  • Happy and responsible driving in your brand-new wheels, iWYZE has you covered. 

What will make your life easy?

It is now even easier to contact us if you have any queries or if you would like to amend your cover, you can do so by any of the following:

  • call us on 0860 93 94 93 (please have your policy or ID number handy);
  • send an email to (remember to include your policy number and latest contact details);
  • SMS the word CARE to 33771 and we'll call you back during office hours;
  • request a call back via our website (;
  • look for our wyzeBOT and see how easy it is do have digital conversation; or
  • access our wyzeHUB to manage your policy 24/7 online.


Terms and conditions apply. Please note that the content displayed on this site is for information purposes only and does not replace our policies’ terms and conditions. The policy wording supersedes any marketing material. Any claim will be considered against the terms and conditions that apply at the time of claim and as set out in out customers’ policy documentation.