When choosing a new vehicle there are a myriad of factors to consider.
This post was published on 07 Mar, 2018

From monthly payments to fuel economy, performance, looks and even car insurance premiums, one of the most important considerations remains vehicle safety.

The Euro New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) is the world’s leading authority on vehicle safety, putting hundreds of models through strenuous tests every year.

Based on recent NCAP results, Old Mutual iWYZE compiled this list (in no specific order) of South Africa’s safest cars to help you choose a ride that will keep you and your loved ones as protected as possible.

Volkswagen Polo
NCAP rating: 5 stars

The VW Polo is an undisputed darling of the South African vehicle market. This nifty supermini has been heading up the local sales charts for the best part of two decades, with the long awaited 2018 model causing quite a stir of excitement amongst potential buyers upon its recent release.

With a respectable 96% rating for adult occupant safety, 85% for child occupants and 76% for pedestrian safety, the VW Polo is likely to continue its formidable run as a South African favourite.

Ford Fiesta
NCAP rating: 5 stars

The ever-popular Fiesta not only packs a powerful punch under the hood, but boasts an impressive safety spec sheet as well.

The latest generation of the hot hatch impressed with 572 units moving off the showroom floor during February. No surprise really, considering its sporty façade, track record and 87% NCAP rating for adult occupant safety and 84% for child occupants.

Kia Rio
NCAP rating: 5 stars
Kia has over recent years carved out a positive reputation for its great value-for-money vehicle range.

The Korean manufacturer’s Rio has not only received a styling upgrade, but also received lofty reviews for safety with a 93% rating for adult occupant safety, 84% for child occupants and 71% for pedestrian safety.

Volvo XC90
NCAP rating: 5 stars
Volvo has a long-standing (and well-deserved) reputation of producing some of the safest vehicles on the road. The luxurious XC90 will be available in SA this year, and the roads will be a lot safer for it. The XC90 topped the 2016 Euro NCAP ratings for overall safety.

2016 (latest available) NCAP scores:  97% rating for adult occupant safety, 87% for child occupants, 72% for pedestrian safety and a perfect 100% Safety Assist score.

Volkswagen Tiguan
NCAP rating: 5 stars

If a smaller Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) suits you better, the VW Tiguan may be an ideal choice. A firm favourite among both “soccer moms” and long-haul family drivers, the Tiguan continues to impress with its high safety standards – and it won the Euro NCAP small SUV category to boot with a 96% rating for adult occupant safety, 80% for child occupants and 68% for pedestrian safety.

Toyota Prius
NCAP rating: 5 stars
The Prius in many ways pioneered ‘green driving’ across the globe. Massively popular in overseas markets, the Prius has not been embraced by the local market in similar fashion. In fact, the Prius only managed to sell one unit in the whole of January.

Yet, for those keen on environmentally conscious motoring, the Prius’ high safety rating might be a deciding factor. The Prius scores a 92% rating for adult occupant safety, 82% for child occupants and 77% for pedestrian safety.

Mercedes-Benz E Class
NCAP rating: 5 stars

A classic executive vehicle, the E Class has always been a popular choice with SA’s well-heeled drivers.

With a stylish exterior, high-tech and luxurious interior and advanced safety features, the E Class won the safety category for large executive vehicles after the official 2017 Euro NCAP test with a 95% rating for adult occupant safety, 90% for child occupants and 77% for pedestrian safety.

Alfa Romeo Giulia
NCAP rating: 5 stars

Alfa’s exciting business sedan isn’t just a headturner – it also turns out to be the safest small executive vehicle of the year with a 98% rating for adult occupant safety, 81% for child occupants and 69% for pedestrian safety.

With plenty of competition from all three German manufacturers and Volvo, this Italian stallion proves that style, power and safety can go together. For executives with a fun side, the Guilia is a great choice this year.


Whichever model you choose, keep in mind that while your vehicle keeps you and your passengers safe, you need a trusted and reliable insurer to do the same for your vehicle.

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