Did you know that the average household electricity usage goes up in South Africa over the winter months by up to 40%? And that an electricity consumer spends close to R320 on average more on electricity in winter than in summer?
This post was published on 23 Jun, 2017

Generally the biggest culprit when it comes to electricity usage in winter is your geyser, with space heating equipment a close second. What is interesting is that electronic appliances on standby come in third – they can contribute to up to 20% of your monthly household electricity expenditure. So one way of saving electricity throughout the year is by switching off your microwave, TV, cellphone and toothbrush charger at the plug when you’re not using them.

Other practical ways of saving electricity include:
  • Investing in a front loading washing machine which uses less water and less electricity.
  • Using fluorescent lamps as they last up to 10 times longer than ordinary bulbs.
  • Connecting your dishwater to the cold water supply only, the element in the dishwater will provide the hot water necessary when it is required for one wash and one final rinse cycle.
  • Trying not to open the fridge door unnecessarily, opening it repeatedly lets out the cold air and means the fridge uses more electricity to stay cold.
Covering electricity costs with your insurance savings

These tips will save on electricity usage but we know the costs are always rising. One very clever way to plan for the additional electricity costs this winter is to take out cover with Old Mutual iWYZE – make sure it’s a bundle (car, home and contents cover) – and save.


A 30-year old man:

  • driving a Polo Vivo Trendline 2014 model;
  • living in a property worth R1 million; with
  • contents to the value of R250 000 will save R432.41* by bundling his insurance with iWYZE.

For savings that are not seasonal call Old Mutual iWYZE today on 0860 63 33 39, bundle up and save.

*Risk profile dependent and terms & conditions apply.

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