South Africa has some of the friendliest people, and most beautiful scenery in the world. Unfortunately, according to the World Health Organisation, it also has some of the most dangerous roads, making third party car insurance a must.
This post was published on 24 Feb, 2017

Spectators in the know have referred to South Africa’s roads as lawless. The problem with this is that careful drivers often get caught up in the mess and are drawn into accidents.

Sadly, this still leaves many of them on the hook for expensive damage bills; bills which they simply don’t have the funds to cover. This is exactly why third party insurance is vitally important for each and every motorist on South Africa’s roads.

Third party insurance claims cover the damage done to other motorists’ vehicles in the case of an accident, meaning that third party insurance cover provides a huge safety blanket for South African motorists. ‘How big?’ you ask. Exceedingly big!

The Importance of Third Party Car Insurance

The truth about the number of accidents on South Africa’s roads is shocking. Each year about ten percent of South Africa’s vehicles are involved in accidents. That’s about one in ten of the more than 10 million vehicles registered in the country.

Also, it is important to remember that a survey conducted by the AA announced that as much as 65 percent of cars on the road are uninsured. That means that the odds of colliding with an uninsured vehicle on the road are worse than 50/50.

This all makes the average price of an accident fairly difficult to calculate. However, averages aren’t very helpful if you happen to write another driver’s car off. In this case, you will be on the line for the total of that car’s value. In plain terms, best case scenario is a few hundred Rand, while worst case scenario is hundreds of thousands of Rands.

Third party insurance claims are the saving grace for many motorists. Especially those who have accidents with expensive vehicles. So, if you are not insured at all, now is the time to consider getting third party car insurance.

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