While many of us have car insurance, this often doesn’t include Tyre & Rim insurance. At iWYZE, this is a value-added product and compensates for accidental damages. While some of us simply need a car to get us from A to B, others see their cars as their pride and joy and add aesthetic upgrades to their vehicles.

Life happens – now what?

With the unpredictable weather in South Africa, avoiding potholes seems to have become a national sport. We can only do so much to avoid potholes and uneven road surfaces caused by the weather, flooding and other factors. The effects of unexpectedly hitting a pothole at 80km/h can be far reaching and detrimental. Being with an insurer why can see you through these unexpected happens will be beneficial in the long run.

iWYZE is different

Unlike most other local insurers, iWYZE offers monthly premiums at affordable rates. They will repair or replace your tyres and rims at an approved repairer. The maximum compensation with regards to each and every claim is shown in your Policy Schedule. You may claim for a maximum of four incidents (two tyres and two rims) within a twelve month period from the Cover Start Date to the Anniversary Date. However, you must ensure that any repairs approved as a result of a valid claim under this policy, must take place, within six months from the claim approval date. iWYZE may not compensate you for damage if you do not repair within this six-month period.


The Excess applicable to tyres is the amount equivalent to the original tyre tread used multiplied by the replacement cost of a new tyre. Example of the tyre excess: Assume the client has chosen the R3000 cover amount option and the replacement cost of a new tyre is R1500. If the tyre is damaged beyond repair, and 10% of the original tread was used, the excess will be 10% of R1500, thus R150, with the pay-out from the insurer being R1350 (the pay-out is limited to the cover amount as chosen by the client). If the replacement cost of a tyre is R6000, the excess applicable will be R600, however the pay-out from the insurer will be limited to the cover amount chosen at inception (i.e. R3000).


The Excess applicable to rims is shown in your Policy Schedule. This is the amount that you must pay before we compensate you. Carefully read your contract to understand under what circumstances you can and cannot claim back for rim damage.

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