Choosing the right type of car insurance quote can often be a delicate balancing act between your needs and your budget.
This post was published on 14 Apr, 2016

With approximately 65% of South African motorists driving without car insurance, you want to be sure that should you ever be in an accident, you have the financial support you need to see you safely through. At the same time, however, you also need to be sure that the car insurance option you choose matches your budget and fits into your lifestyle seamlessly. That’s why, before settling on a particular cover option, it’s important to compare car insurance quotes in order to find the right one to suit your individual needs.

Enjoy personalised car insurance quotes with Old Mutual iWYZE

At Old Mutual iWYZE, we recognise that each of our customers is an individual, with their own particular car insurance requirements. Perhaps you need to travel often for work. Maybe you participate regularly in school lift clubs. Possibly you need to park your car on the street at night. Or maybe you travel fairly infrequently, preferring to only use your car when you have to. However your daily schedule is structured, Old Mutual iWYZE is able to tailor its insurance cover options to your needs, giving you the ability to compare car insurance quotes before settling on the one that best suits your needs.

Old Mutual iWYZE car insurance quotes – what’s in it for you?

So what goes into comparing car insurance rates in South Africa? How does one go about choosing the best offer available? As you’ll soon find out when you request a quote from Old Mutual iWYZE, you won’t simply be given a set of one-size-fits-all car insurance rates to compare. Instead, you’ll receive a quotation based on your individual needs. Your vehicle, driving behaviour and personal circumstances are also taken into consideration. From there, it’s up to you to compare and contrast each car insurance quote. Now you can decide which one best fits your lifestyle and your budget.

The temptation may be to instantly accept the cheapest car insurance quotation. Most likely being the third party only option. However, this could end up costing you more in the long-term. Often, while comprehensive car insurance may seem to have a bigger initial outlay, the level of protection and the number of additional benefits offered along with the policy can make it substantially more affordable in the long-term.

The benefits of insuring with Old Mutual iWYZE

Compare Old Mutual iWYZE car insurance quotations with those of other insurance companies. Not only will you receive a set of affordable comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party only quotations, you’ll also find yourself eligible for a range of built-in benefits, including:

What’s more, should you choose to be covered by iWYZE comprehensive car insurance, you’ll also have access to a range of optional benefits for added protection and financial assistance, such as:

  • Free car hire.
  • Credit shortfall payment.
  • Emergency medical expenses.
  • Trauma counselling.
  • Vehicle keys, locks and remotes.
  • Emergency accommodation expenses.

All of which go to demonstrate that there’s more to comparing car insurance quotes than simply the price of the quotation. This includes the levels of service, support and guidance that go along with it.

Compare Old Mutual iWYZE car insurance quotes today

Ready to request and compare car insurance quotes from Old Mutual iWYZE? All you need to do is call 0860 63 33 39, submit your details, or request a quick quote online. You know how important it is to have the right level of cover for your needs. At Old Mutual iWYZE, we’re more than prepared to deliver it, in the form of affordable premiums, reliable insurance, and invaluable peace of mind.

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